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Monday March 19, 2018   
Ayos System
Ayos - Personal Edition
Ayos - Corporate Edition
Open Source Projects
Corporate Programs
Efficiency, Productivity, Convenience
The Ayos Management System works like an online file cabinet, storing and managing files quickly and easily. From work, home, or any Internet-ready computer, the Ayos solution gives instant accessibility and portability to files.
Automatically inform yourself, via e-mail, when modifications are made to any file or folder.
Version Control
Access the newest version of a file while still keeping the ability to retrieve all previous versions.
The Ayos Management System offers encryption on files, as well as virus scanning on all file types.
Bookmark files/folders for quick and easy use. Grant or limit access, sharing files or maintaining private documents in personal workspaces. Set size limitations on folders.
Store and retrieve files from home or office through the unrestricted accessibility of an Internet, intranet, or extranet connection without having to install software.
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