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Monday March 19, 2018   
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About Sphorium Technologies
Who we are:
Corporate Name:
Sphorium Technologies, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
Allen, TX
Products and Services:
At Sphorium, we strive to lead in the creation and development of reliable, cutting edge, ready made or personalized software applications for your business needs.
Our vision:
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide customers with exceptional products and outstanding service based on their individual needs.
How we do it:
Quality Products:
We pride ourselves in the quality of the products we generate and offer to consumers at resonable prices. Our applications are fully tested to ensure consumer satisfaction and high reliability.
Customer Care:
Sphorium Technologies offers monthly performance calls, designed to verify the product you have ordered meets or exceeds your buisness expectations. In addition, our standard support service includes that your technical prime will be available from 8-5 CST to answer any questions/concerns over our product line.
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